But I know what most of you are thinking: "Look pal, who's got time to talk about ozone? And, more importantly, it doesn't come up. So why should I even pay attention to the details? But hold that thought because we also produce "bad ozone," which is "created by chemical reactions between oxides of nitrogen NOx and volatile organic compounds VOC ," the EPA tells us. Ozone at ground level is a harmful air pollutant," in the troposphere, and "it is the main ingredient in 'smog.

Since ozone is a gas, it can deodorize and sanitize those hard to reach places on your equipment, making sure you get a greater than OK, good to know.

Now, next up, chemistry. In this context, what is ozone? What's its composition? Thus, ozone consists of O 2 with a loosely bonded third oxygen atom that is readily available to attach to, and oxidize, other molecules. This additional oxygen atom makes ozone a powerful oxidant that destroys microorganisms.

MRSA, once confined to hospitals and healthcare facilities, has infiltrated college and university locker rooms nationwide. And it's being taken very seriously. So when breathing in ozone — which can cause wheezing by constricting muscles in the airways — it can be your enemy. But as a disinfectant, it can be your friend. It's just good to know which one you're dealing with. View the discussion thread. Erik Lief, the Director of Communications, has over 25 years of experience in major media and journalism.

Skip to main content. Palladium Is More So. Here's Why. Because Our Air Is Clean. Experts question hospital methods of reducing infections. By Erik Lief — October 16, There's ozone, and then there's ozone.

Is ozone good for us? Is ozone bad for us? By Erik Lief Erik Lief, the Director of Communications, has over 25 years of experience in major media and journalism.Scent Crusher products feature our Ozone Activated Technology which effectively eliminates harmful bacteria.

will ozone kill the flu virus

Food, smoke, animal odors, perfume — you name it, Scent Crusher kills it. For more than years, ozone, considered a killer of virus in the nature, has been widely used by people for disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, disintoxication, storage, and bleaching thanks to its strong oxidablity. It has three following attributes. Quail Systems reports that since ozone has been proven to kill As the coronavirus continues to evolve and become more virulent, there are many unanswered questions as there has been no proper clinical or scientific studies that have been conducted on it yet with regards to its properties etc as the nCoV coronavirus only made its maiden debut in December Ozone, or O3, is the tri-atomic form of oxygen.

Stated simply, it is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. O3 rapidly oxidizes organisms like bacteria and virus it comes into contact with, then converts safely back into Oxygen O2. The ozone attacks and kills all odors and bacteria through oxidation, and then converts safely back into standard oxygen, leaving your gear scent-free. This content is meant to be an information source, not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Scent Crusher and Odor Crusher make no claims regarding the use of ozone or ozone products to treat any medical related conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified provider with any questions you may have.

Follow Us. Free Ground Shipping on All Orders. Ozone — how it can help kill Flu and Virus. How To Disinfect with Ozone.

will ozone kill the flu virus

Tracking Spreadsheet. Read More. Disclaimer This content is meant to be an information source, not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All Rights Reserved.Our office has received numerous calls about whether ozone kills the coronavirus.

It is well-known that ozone does kill pathogens bacteria and viruses. Ozone is a non-chemical solution that can be applied to treat large or small areas and it reaches all surfaces with a nominal treatment. This does not mean there is no need to properly clean the area, but ozone can be an augment to a sanitizing program.

To directly answer the question, ozone has been proven to kill numerous types of viruses. This includes previous versions of the coronavirus. Admittedly, treating the COVID is yet to be proven for nearly every sanitizing product on the market. More testing is needed to confirm the efficacy of a proper ozone treatment on the COVID, but the early signs seem to favor ozone sanitizing for this virus.

In light of the rampant onset of this new coronavirus, many groups are using ozone as a sanitizing process for face masks, clothing, and rooms to stay ahead of the crisis. This includes medical groups, fire and police departments, and support groups trying to recycle masks and clothing by frontline workers.

Unlike treating mold, pest, or heavy odors; killing pathogens does not require a strong dose of ozone. Treatments of about an hour or two should be enough to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

will ozone kill the flu virus

Short ozone treatments are therefore easy to apply. Set the timer for an hour and spend a little time outside the house or building. Cleaning cycles need to shorten and sanitize "High Touch Areas" very often. Finally, we suggest applying a probiotic solution to the end of any cleaning process that will inhibit the reinfection of infectious pathogens.

The use of probiotics is not the same as killing germs with a sanitizer. It is viewed as a prophylactic measure that can extend the protective measures to prevent the spread of disease.

Infection Control Training. Probiotics Training - This leads to an innovative marketing program that has national impact. Certified Ozone Technician. Basic Ozone Treatment Course. Adding Probiotics to your Service. What is the best post-ozone treatment? Skip to main content. Double the Impact of Ozone What is the best post-ozone treatment? Increase the effectiveness of any job with probiotic treatments.This has been known for the past years and its discovery was awarded a Nobel Prize.

Ultraviolet light machines are fighting Coronavirus: Here's how 👊

There is even a treatment for it called ozone therapy. Ozone therapy has been available for many decades; however, the number of practitioners who offer it in the United States is very low. Do you remember that poignant, fresh smell of air right after a thunderstorm? You might call this scent cleansing. Indeed, that is precisely what it does: it cleans the atmosphere and can similarly cleanse our bodies. It occurs not only after rainfall, but also near waterfalls and ocean waves. You can even get a whiff of it when sunlight hits fields of snow.

will ozone kill the flu virus

This familiar scent is called ozone. Ozone is produced when oxygen molecules are being broken down by ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Present day technology has allowed us to produce ozone at will, eliminating the need to wait for nature to make this substance. Ozone is made up of that same oxygen that we breath. The only difference between the two is that ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms, while the oxygen that we breath is made up of only two atoms.

Ozone, due to the third oxygen atom, is naturally unstable. This means that it always wants get rid of that extra atom. Therefore, when O3 comes in contact with any cell, the third atoms will be transferred over.

When this reaction happens, O3 transforms back into O2 but, its conventional properties develop more powerful and more energized nature. This is because one molecule of ozone is equal to 3, to 10, molecules of chlorine. Being the most powerful and rapidly-acting oxidizing agent on earth, ozone is the best killer of destructive, disease causing organisms. It has even been proven that ozone kills cancer cells upon contact!

Other healing mechanisms of ozone include:. These toxins are ordinarily burned in normal oxidation. Glucose, which is a standard food for a healthy cell, is burned through oxidation. Due to the fact that the respiratory faculty of the cell is impaired, it starts to ferment sugar without oxygen. Instead of releasing carbon dioxide, which is a normal function of a healthy cell, the damaged cell devours sugar and releases lactic acid.The flu virus spreads through exposure to the respiratory secretions of a sick person.

Unfortunately, a sick person need not be present for the infection to occur 1. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCthe flu virus can survive on surfaces in your home or office for up to eight hours. Fortunately, there are several home remedies you can use to kill the flu virus before it causes another infection. Thoroughly clean often-overlooked surfaces such as door knobs, faucet handles, counters and tables, sinks, telephone receivers and, especially, toys with soap and water, plus commercial sanitizers if desired.

According to the CDC, soaps, hydrogen peroxides, alcohol, chlorine and commercial germicides all kill the flu virus. Purchase commercial sanitizer wipes or prepare a spray bottle with commercial or homemade sanitizer solutions to safely clean surfaces and objects that you do not have time or that are unsuited for washing with soap and rinsing in fresh water.

Wash linens in a washing machine with standard laundry detergent and tumble dry on the hot setting. Wash eating utensils and dishes in hot, soapy water or use an automatic dishwasher with the right kind of detergent for your machine.

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Encourage a sick person to wear a surgical or hospital mask outside of the bedroom or sick room to minimize contamination of cleaned areas and objects. Household members should always cough or sneeze into a tissue, then discard the tissue.

Encourage hand washing or the use of alcohol-based hand rub after coughing or sneezing; before handling clean linens or objects; and before or after handling the mouth, nose or eyes. Use a clean tissue to turn off faucet taps without recontaminating hands. Make your own sanitizer solution using household chlorine bleach. According to the University of Wisconsin, mix 1 tsp. Allow the solution to dry on the surface to be cleaned. Replace solutions weekly. Heat also kills the influenza virus, but the temperatures that are effective to degrees F--can also cause burns.

With the exception of the dishwasher, leave heat-based methods for professionals. Heather Gloria began writing professionally in Her work has appeared in several professional and peer-reviewed publications including "Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

She also maintains the "registered dietitian" credential and her professional interests include therapeutic nutrition, preventive medicine and women's health. Monitor the health of your community here.

What Kills Coronavirus

More Articles. Diseases and Injuries. Written by Heather Gloria. If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately. About the Author.Medical ozone is always a mixture of purest ozone and purest oxygen. A qualified, certified medical Practitioner determines the concentration and total dosage according to symptoms and general condition of the individual. Due to its powerful oxidizing and disinfectant properties, it is used as a germicide, air purifier treatment, and as well as drinking water purification method.

Viruses are small, independent particles, built of crystals and macromolecules, unlike bacteria, they multiply only within the host cell. They transform the protein of the host cell into proteins of their own. Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core, resulting in damage of the viral RNA. As a response to Ozone the immune cells produce specific messenger substances, cytokines such as interferons or interleukins, which pass their information on to other immune cells, inducing a cascade of positive immune activities.

This means medical ozone can always be applied, especially in cases of an immune deficit or a high risk of contamination. Small quantities of ozone provided as IV activate the cellular antioxidants and radical scavengers, protect the body and enhance rejuvenation and function of cells, and support the immune system.

In times of serious viral and bacterial activity a combination of IV Ozone, IV vitamins and a homeopathic phyto-remedy called Pascoleucyn Drops greatly helps to relieve symptoms of Viral infection and flu such as headaches, stuffy noses, sore throats, coughs, and fevers. Pascoleucyn can be taken at the first signs and symptoms of an illness and the main components include:. It both modulates and stimulates the immune system so it can respond effectively to colds and flus, and aids to relieve symptoms.

Echinacea also is an anti-inflammatory, decreasing any symptoms of the cold and flu. In addition, it helps to stimulate the immune system to fight off pathogens as well as help the body remove the pathogen through its alternative function. Baptisia also has antipyretic effects helping to bring down fevers and the symptoms associated with them. For more information and education, for patients, Health Professionals and Practitioners please contact:. Coronavirus — Ozone can help against and bacterial infections.

Medical ozone has remarkable bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties. Pascoleucyn can be taken at the first signs and symptoms of an illness and the main components include: ECHINACEA — Echinacea also is known as purple coneflower is one of the most supportive plants for the human immune system. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Does Ozone Kill Coronavirus

Comment Name.Ozone is scientifically proven to destroy viruses when applied at high concentrations in what are known as "shock treatment" methods. With more deaths and more trips to the emergency room, this Flu has been made worse by the imperfect vaccine.

Solution: Ozone is a very effective, broad based, antiviral agent when applied with a high output generator. Because it is a reactive gas, ozone reaches everywhere air currents travel, and thus can effectively treat all surfaces, including the nooks and crannies that standard cleaning practices miss. Additionally, ozone is very safe when treatments are conducted in unoccupied spaces, and leaves no chemical residue behind, because it converts back into clean breathable oxygen after the treatment.

Often treatments can be conducted in less than 24 hours, plenty of time to thoroughly disinfect a targeted area.

If there is an HVAC unit, the fan can be turned to the 'ON' position during treatments to help distribute the gas and to eliminate the bacteria that are hidden in the ductwork.

Kill the Flu Virus Indoors using Ozone Each year, the Flu invades our country, sometimes affecting as many as 49 states!. The costs are high, with many children and elderly succumbing to this dreadful terror. Often, the ERs are overwhelmed! Even if your loved ones got the vaccine, they can still be impacted by the pandemic. This unit can be dangerous if not used properly.

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