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Spelling and format editing has occurred within these posts; some email addresses may be out of date. Hansen "The Ancient Book of Formulas," a public domain magical formulary Recipes are in alphabetical order. A prominent poster of these recipes was a woman variously known as Witchwoman, Chandralyn, Elizabeth Mack, and Lyz who did not source the recipes but merely signed her own name to them.

Others were posted by a woman called "Cat" who had a hotmail. A fourth set was posted by an anonymous person called " In some cases, my opinion of these formulas was asked. In other cases it was not. I decided to compile and compare the formulas posted by Chandralyn, "cat hotmail. My formulas derive from a combination of four sources: o recipes given to me by friends, customers, clients, and occult shop owners from the s to the present; o recipes that had been printed in folklore collections, some of whose authors are cited below; o recipes from 19th and early 20th century formularies, some of whose authors are cited below; and o first-hand perfume analysis augmented with a thorough knowledge of the occult symbolism of flowers and herbs.

Money Drawing Oil

What interested me about the posted formulas was that they were a strange mixed bag, some "authentic" and some really "phony" by traditional standards. One, for instance, was said to be a 19th century recipe for Cologne, but it was not a true Cologne recipe at all.

Others claimed to be traditional hoodoo formulas but contained none of the ingredients usually associated with spells or recipes bearing those names in the African-American community. Still others were well-researched and nearly the same as the ones i myself had collected. I have made my comparisons -- and in some cases lengthy analyses -- because people often ask me about formulas and i want to steer them toward authentic hoodoo sources by giving them an understanding of the holistic magical system from which such formulas derive.

I am not oppo a71 qualcomm frp bypass to poke holes in the work of any author, but i docall the shots as i see them. It is difficult to explain a formula's good and bad points without a close look at each ingredient, and i used the posted formulas to demonstrate how some formulas did -- and some formulas did not -- derive from an identifiable cultural tradition.

In other words, some of the posted formulas were traditional in terms of hoodoo, some were traditional in terms of European magick, and others were just concoctions of sweet-smelling synthetics which had little or no symbolic relationship to the magical conditions for which the oils were prescribed, either in African-American or European magic.

This web page has been online since and has been updated many times. It took me a while to realize that virtually all of the otherwise unsourced formulas posted to usenet were not original to those who posted them. I eventually identified some unsourced recipes from Ray Malbrough's book "Charms, Spells, and Formulas" because i sold it in my shop, and i annotated those recipes with his credit.

Uncrossing and Unhexing Oil Recipes

The recipes from the Herman Slater Magickal Childe formulary didn't jump out at me as being from that source immediately because i had lost my copy of the Slater formulary in during a flood of the Russian River that carried off almost all the books and papers i owned. The entire town flooded, not just my house, and it took me a few years to regroup -- and i am still re-collecting books i lost in that flood all those years ago.

During the late s i was sent an entire electronic file of the Slater formulary, which bore within its MS Word coding django angular template notation that the file had been edited by Aidan Kelly, a well-known Neo-Pagan author.

I used this file to identify which recipes on this formula-analysis page had been published by Slater, and i added notations to that effect.

The Slater book is currently in print and i have given the URL for the publishers after each Magickal Childe recipe cited. A small piece of lodestone is added to each bottle. Add 2 Tbls. You can add tincture of benzoin to keep to any oils listed to keep them from going rancid. I use a "glurp" of same to each gallon of almond oil and mix well. Oily Fingers of cat luckymojo. Suzanne Arthurs ankhbrat aol.

Filter and bottle. But most people don't like that idea, so they use a convenient substitute. Any high quality red ink with Cinnamon and Myrrh essential oils or scent added is appropriate to use as Bat's Blood Ink, in my experience.Fast Money oil is a money drawing oil for times when you need money quickly.

Some people overuse it, but it should be saved for emergency or semi-emergency situations. You anoint the money that is in your wallet or purse, or a talisman that you keep there, and opportunities for income should present themselves quickly, and people who owe you will pay you back sooner.

Most recipes for this contain High John the Conqueror root, but in some cases, I think it may be neutralizing. It is a hex breaker and very protective, and in combination with other herbs may be overkill or slow things down.

When making a fast money oil, I like to keep the flow wide open. Fast Money Oil made by my student, Arden Keren. After giving offerings to your Gate Keeper and prosperity deities, and also a deity, saint, Ancestor, or spirit known for their hastiness, arrange the ingredients on your altar for maximum speed efficiency.

As quickly as you can, smoke your jar, and add the ingredients mindfully. Smoke the lid and close the jar. Shake it hurriedly. Wrap it quickly, and store it quickly.

simple money drawing oil recipe

Keep it safe for 3 months before opening it. If you can, open it as soon as possible as the time is up…to the hour or to the minute if possible. Close it and give it another good shake. It will be raring to go and ready for use. Anoint the money in your wallet or purse, or the wallet or purse itself. Use it to dress candles for fast money spells. It can also feed fast money talismans and charms. You should give offerings to Eshu, Oshun, and Oya regularly. Usually yearly during the Oshun holidays is a good idea.

Have a talisman made from some of the ceremony cremains or artifacts. Thank you for taking the time and making this available to us. I was wondering do we shake this during the three month waiting period? If you are a child of Oya or another storm or earthquake related deity, then I would say to shake it occasionally as you feel led to.

This is how we express our intent to help it manifest into the physical realm. Others with different heads may not need to do this…but may need to do different things.

Like a child of Oshun may want to clean their jar every Saturday. A child of Shango may feel the need to warm their jar on Fridays. It depends. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. All Zindoki. Author Recent Posts.Thank you so much. I had signed on your web page but I am not sure if you will get it.

I truly appreciate the recipe. Is there a reliable alternative to cinnamon in love and lust powders? I'm itchin' for some bewitchin' but I've got a nasty allergy to the stuff, leaves me sick as a dog. Yes, there are LOTS of alternatives! Saturday, January 28, Lots of Recipes!

simple money drawing oil recipe

Powder Recipes. Each recipe calls for equal parts of each herb. Recipes calling for oils, use quantities as seems appropriate the more used, the more scent, also the more liquid the powder formula. Astral Travel Powder. For working an astral projection. Sprinkle on the bedsheets before going to bed. Attraction Powder. Dust on the body before going out to attract someone to you or dust on your hand before gambling.

Vanilla Oil. Bend Over Powder. To send evil back to the sender, break hexes, and to make others do what you want. Blessed Powder. Silver Magnetic Powder. Ylang Ylang. Delight Powder. To overcome inhibitions and increase pleasure when sprinkled on your lover. Melon Oil. Draw Back Powder. A Hoodoo single ingredient powder that is sprinkled around your home to prevent anyone from hexing you and to reverse all evil spells.

Caution: this will stain. Dragon's Blood. Drawing Powder. Dream Powder. For prophetic dreams sprink on your sheets before going to bed. Easy Wrath Powder. This Hoodoo powder is used to eliminate hatred and anger in anyone that you have pissed off. Sprinkle the powder on them, as surreptitiously as possible. Red Pepper.I personally, have never had this issue, but what I would do would be to make one of the provided oil recipes while chanting and empowering all of the ingredients.

Once it was made, anoint a candle from middle outwardthen anoint yourself. You can then visualize any curses, hexes, or bad vibes leaving your spiritual form. If you feel like your curse or hex is stronger or still there after the ritual, you should definitely try a more complicated ritual. Mix 2 tablespoons of this mixture to 2 ounces of carrier oil. Add a pinch of salt.

Shake well before use. Note: Whenever you make these oils, adding a bit of vetivert root is highly recommended. Note 2: Adding Bergamot to anything increases its effectiveness.

You should add up to 5 drops to each ounce of mixture. Keep in mind, all of my posts are based on my opinions that I have gathered from my research. You may disagree or have something to add. Please do so kindly in the comments. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Incense is used by practitioners of magic to enhance spells and communication with the spirits and gods. The following incenses are all made from natural ingredients. By burning natural ingredients, you are releasing the magical qualities of the herbs into the universe thus increasing the success rate of a magical spell or ritual.

Because some of the following incenses are quite strong in fragrance, they should be burned in a well ventilated area. Cinnamon Pwdr. Sage Pwdr. Sandalwood Pwdr. Nutmeg PWDR. Cinnamon PWDR. Sandalwood PWDR. Rosemary 2 tblsp. Sandalwood 7 drops Sagittarius Oil. Copal 3 tblsp. Sandalwood pwdr. Cinnamon pwdr. Juniper 1 tblsp. Sage 1 tblsp. Frankincense 1 tblsp. Myrrh 1 tblsp. Rosemary 1 tblsp. Cinnamon 1 tblsp.

Cedar 1 tblsp. Abre Camino herb 1 tblsp. Cinnamon 2 tblsp.We may just have it and add to our list below. This page is often updated and includes our favorite potions and incense combinations from a variety of sources. Just know that all witches will modify their recipes — so experiment. Abramelin Oil 1 one part Myrrh resin one part ground Cinnamon two parts Galangal 2 oz of Olive Oil herbs are half the oil volume. To make an oil that will help attract the attention of others, mix together twenty drops of synthetic musk, two drops of jasmine, and one drop of ylang ylang in a small bottle and leave where the full moonlight can strike it for three nights.

Be sure to bring it inside before the Sun can find it. On the fourth day, mix together the two sets of ingredients and leave in a dark place. Wear when you wish to draw love and admiration to yourself. It will also enable your employers to see what they love about your work for them. Anoint the altar with this oil at regular intervals, calling your Deity Deities to watch over it. Mix with 4 oz base oil. Recipe is for a year of 13 Full moon phases, keep the blessing oil in tightly capped dark glass bottle.

The olive is sacred to Athena, so use pure olive oil as an anointing oil in particular, rub between the palms of your hands and anoint your feet, forehead and lips. Blend the first four ingredients well, at the full moon, and add the olives. Put in a jar and leave for one month to mature. Then remove the olives Which will have imparted their essence to the rest and throw them away. Stuffed olives, both black and green, are an obvious food for a ritual of Athena, also stuffed vine leaves, a very Athenian dish.

If possible, of course, the wine should be Greek — especially retsina, though that is an acquired taste. Add the true essential oils and the Orris root to an olive-oil base. Anoint your body to bring a love into your life. It will also enable your employers to see what they love about your work fo rthem. Add ingredients to 2 oz almond oil and mix. Anoint the stomach, wrists, back of the neck and forehead.

Lie down and visualize yourself astrally projecting. As you blend the oils, visualize your intent, and take in the aroma. Know that this oil is sacred and magical. Label, date, and store in a cool, dark place. Choose a small dark vial. Place all but the oil in the vial together, then add enough oil to fill the bottle. Lavender is there for purification, happiness, love, and peace; Basil brings protection and love; Sage brings purification, protection, healing, wealth, longevity; Patchouli brings prosperity, wards off evil and negativity, aids divination.

Calendula oil usually has to be made yourself, unless you pay an arm and leg for it. It is very easy to make:. Add two tbsp of mixture to 2 oz of oil. Add High John the Conqueror Root to each bottle. Wear to increase your courage, especially before being introduced to people, prior to public speaking, and other nerve-wracking situations. More of a Hoodoo Style, but extremely strong. The goal is t o win court cases and influence the judge and jury.

simple money drawing oil recipe

Anoint to attract money and for the successful completion of your protections and dreams. Also wear when planting, tending, harvesting or working with herbs and plants to ensure a fruitful yield. Helps us tune in with the energies of the Earth.Post a Comment.

Shadows magick place. General information about me Shadow Devoted Hoodoo practitioneralso Eclectic practitioner, open-minded, and trying to be positivetraditionalistkeen on learning more bits of Mystery each dayand ti all reading this Many Blessings!

Popular Posts. Undoing and removing love spells. Love spells are more often than not, all but nice and gentle. The cruel coercive power they exhibit can wreak havoc in people lives, just Ceromancy, the oracle of wax. Energy parasites Psychic vampires. Open the roadsfor me Abre camino products So many brilliant practitioners find themselves unable to practice effectivelyblocked, Spiritual baths and bathing.

They are a staple, in great majority of Cutting the ties that bind Binding removal magick. And also, one so heavily neglected. Truth spells and magick. Morality behind the Truth spells Is it justified to make someone speak the truth? Are the reasons be Michael the Archangel. He "Who is like G'd" Though technically speaking Archangel Michael is not a Saint, sometimes this entity is venerated a Hoodoo Reversing spells and magick.

Contained jar spells, and spirit jar traps. Sep 23, Hoodoo Money Recipes and Formulas. Do You ever lack the money or is this a redundant question for You? You can add a capsule of vit E. Bring it to boil, stir, cover and leave for couple of hours. Strain, and wash and scrub Your premises inward to attract money. Sometimes we need to attract customers to our business. All recipes by me Shadow of Shadows magick place or Shado hotmail.

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