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The best stylish sneakers you can buy for men

Nike is undoubtedly one of the most popular sportswear brands in the market right now, largely due to its history of innovative footwear designs that continue to stand the test of time. The Oregon-based company launched in and has provided decades upon decades of note-worthy sneakers, from the classic Air Force 1 and Cortez silhouettes to unique collaborations with luxury fashion labels, streetwear brands and big-time musicians like Travis Scoot and the Grateful Dead.

Both its performance silhouettes and street shoe styles have earned a reputation for their comfort and durability. Whether you prefer a retro style or a modern rare design, there is a Swoosh pair for every taste. Watch on FN. Originally introduced in as a basketball sneaker, the Nike Air Force 1 remains a classic in modern day times but is more recognizable as a streetwear icon while retaining its roots thanks to its leather upper with springy Air cushioning in the midsole.

The pair spans generations of style, from its release date to the current Gen-Z and TikTok crowd. The Nike Air Max 1 is a trailblazer in the footwear sector thanks to the Air Max-cushioning featured on the midsole revealing the first-ever visible air unit seen in a sneaker and jumpstarting the Air Max line that has lasted for decades.

Another classic shoe from the Nike Air Max line is the Air Max 90 designed by Tinker Hatfield and was introduced in and it stays true to its original running roots with a breathable low-cut upper complemented by the iconic Waffle outsole. The style includes an Air Max unit for cushioning and padded collar for all-around support. Though the model has been around for 20 years, the brand continues to stick to its trusted design with a durable leather and textile upper as seen in the first iteration released.

The mesh upper is made to represent skin; the panels, muscles; lace loops, the ribs; and the midsole the spine. The shoe was originally developed for performance running back in the s but has become a staple street style. A foam midsole and flex grooves offer flexibility on top of style, while a unique lacing system creates a locked-in feel.

The uppers combine mesh and synthetic materials in an inimitable layered design that gives off the look of constant motion.

The design too includes pull tabs for easy on-off and is offered in an endless mix of colors to fully suit your personal flair. In the Nike Dunk was born. The Nike Dunk Low Viotech, for example, dropped in and instantly became a classic in the sneaker world. The Nike Blazer is traditionally known for its basketball roots, but has since turned into an everyday shoe thanks to its clean and simple design.

Starting with an oversized Swoosh across both the lateral and medial sides, this high-top sneaker includes a state-of-the-art autoclave formation that fuses the outsole to the midsole for a fully streamlined appeal.

Topped off with a vintage-style treatment on the midsole and exposed foam on the tongue, the style still looks straight out of the s. Only a limited quantity was available in and when pairs were auctioned off to raise money for the Michael J. The style is unlike any other Nike pairs you can find on the market with its futuristic construction and electroluminescent midsole. The mesh paneled uppers and ultra high-rise shaft turn this sneaker into one of the best on the market from the Swoosh brand.

Similar to the aforementioned Nike Dunk, the Swoosh has also created an alternate version of the sneaker that features modifications specifically for skateboarding, including a thicker padded tongue and Zoom Air cushioning in the midsole.Jeff Johnson is on his way to the U. Olympic trials, but instead of taking a first-class flight--which, as Nike 's first-ever employee 48 years ago, he most likely could afford--he prefers to drive there from his Lebanon, N.

Armed with a lifetime's worth of running memories and miles left to get to Eugene, Ore. Flashing a teeth-baring grin, the white-haired Johnson still dons the Swoosh from head his sunglasses to toe his beloved Nike Free 3. Johnson, 70, is the kind of guy who sets out on a 3,mile trip without making a single hotel reservation or mapping out any stopping points along the route west. Though he carries a cell phone in the car, he insists that he never uses it. Year-old messages later retrieved on it confirm that to be true.

The open itinerary doesn't seem to faze him. He and his new passenger will travel according to the rhythm of the road and end up in Eugene in three days, completing Johnson's 18th cross-country road trip. It leaves plenty of time to get to know this deep thinker who's contributed much to the distance running culture in America.

Johnson swears he doesn't have a personal story worthwhile enough to warrant a magazine feature. He loves to talk about running, but when the conversation turns toward his own routine, he all but apologizes for his current state of fitness. It isn't tame by civilian standards, but, to a guy at the forefront of the running boom, his biweekly minute slogs broken up by walking breaks feel like the epilogue to a grand novel.

Just the other day a rather large woman in her 20s tackling the first run of her life easily swept past him on the riverside trail near his house, he laments. He hasn't seen her since. In his mind, Johnson is still a lithe teenager striding across the trails of northern California, sights set on breaking for the mile.

In reality, the weight of time now makes three miles feel like a marathon. His once-bouncy gait has returned to earth after grinding out an estimated 60, lifetime miles. He understands this is what happens to an aging body--muscles tighten like rubber bands, ligaments start to snap and pull, and good runs occur about once every two weeks--and he's been trying to accept it for the past 25 years. Unlike most people who take up running to accomplish a goal, lose weight or join a team, Johnson's initial inspiration was survival.

At recess they had 15 minutes to pummel me to death and they never caught me. The following year Johnson picked up a copy of Boy's Life and read an article on Charlie Paddock, the fastest man in the world.

Paddock's training schedule seemed easy. Run 50 meters three times. The next day sprint meters, once. Silly stuff. But there was one tough component--the 1-mile warm-up. He evolved into a distance runner, the kind described as having a lot of "heart. I didn't," Johnson says. His time, however, was the fastest among the incoming freshmen at the University of Colorado in Johnson's stay in Boulder proved to be short-lived.Subscriber Account active since.

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. The primary purpose of shoes is to protect your feet. Aside from that, most people would say that footwear's greatest use is for expressing your personal style — and sneakers, in my opinion, are the best type of shoes with which to do that. As a sneaker collector with more than pairs, I've had the opportunity to wear and see some of the best.

What you consider to be the "best" heavily depends on what your personal style is exactly and what you look for in sneakers, but to help you sort through the millions of styles out there, I rounded up my top choices in popular categories like affordability, comfort, performance, and business-casual style.

Whether you're looking for a time-tested classic, an elegant pair to wear in the office, or a sporty sneaker to match with your favorite athleisure pieces, these are the pairs you'll want in your closet and on your feet. If you're looking for white sneakers specifically, you can find most of the below picks in all-white variants or you can shop our definitive guide to the best white sneakers.

The sneaker now known as the Stan Smith dates back to the early s, when Adidas designed a shoe for French tennis player Robert Haillet. It wasn't until Haillet's retirement in that the sneaker took on the name and likeness of then-number one ranked tennis star Stan Smith. In its more than 55 years of production 48 years officially as the Stan Smiththe sneaker has become one of Adidas' bestselling and its single longest lasting styles — and that's not by accident.

Although the shoe is now outdated from a performance standpoint, its style remains the same. It doesn't matter what style of clothing you wear most — the Stan Smith will look good with anything in your closet.

nike cortez big tooth

You can't go wrong with the original white and green pair, but Adidas has plenty of colorway options if you're putting together a specific outfit or just want to step outside of norm. The Cortez sneaker has a deep history that actually pre-dates Nike as a company. The very first iterations of the shoe came about in the mids when famed track coach and Blue Ribbon Sports the company that would later become Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman teamed up with Japanese footwear brand Onitsuka Tiger to design track sneakers.

After several name changes, they landed on The Aztec, but that named turned out to be too similar to Adidas' Azteca Gold track shoe. When Blue Ribbon Sports went on to design its own footwear and change its name to Nike, the Cortez sneaker went along with the brand and officially released as we know it in Despite being decades removed from its former state-of-the-art status, the Nike Cortez's deep-rooted running history is most likely why the silhouette is featured in the cult-classic film "Forrest Gump" where the eponymous main character runs across the entire country.

While the design itself is sleek and stylish, the Nike Cortez's presence in pop culture has cemented it as a sneaker that will forever be cool. On top of that, it's also very affordable.Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive.

Nike Cortez History: Famous Shoes of LA

Over the summer, NikeLab dropped a revamped version of the Swoosh's landmark runner, the Cortez. Updated with an exaggerated outsole pattern, the black colorway of these "Big Tooth" Cortez eventually got the general release treatment and were renamed the Classic Cortez Shark Low.

Now, months later, the all-white makeup is set for a widespread launch, too. This crisp white colorway of the Classic Cortez Shark Low recently popped up at overseas retailers. Chances are, these will follow in the footsteps of the black colorway and see a U.

All Rights Reserved. Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories. Never miss a sneaker release with Sole Collector's Release Roundup Newsletter Each send includes the details you need on the biggest drops from Nike, Jordan, Yeezy, adidas and more happening each week. Related Stories. Also Watch Close. Share This Story. Sign up for Complex notifications for breaking news and stories. No Thanks Allow.The shoes the people wear tend to tell the tale of the city, especially in street and hip-hop culture.

When you think of New York City you might imagine deep snow and Timberlands; you might remember when you used to ask why New York cats rock Tims in 90 degree weather… or on the beach. You can hear the slow drawl and see the wife beaters of cats leaned on tricked out Cadillacs in all white Air Forces. But it might goes back further than the last Game video you saw… waaaay further.

The Cortez reaches all the way back tobefore Nike was even Nike, Inc. Before Nike, Inc. It all started with an Olympic-class track coach. This is the same guy who brought the idea of jogging to America. He had no idea what kind of running people were going to do in that shoe…especially once the Corsair was reintroduced to the world and the L. No longer restricted to being worn by gang bangers and hustlers on the corner, the Cortez is now getting customized by the likes of Mister Cartoon and getting sold on eBay for a pretty shiny penny.

The tradition is rich, the history is deep and the shoe is respected. Lepke breaks it down. We can safely figure that the Cortez was released nationwide, but for some reason Los Angeles really took the ball and ran with it. Soul Assassin family member Tony G.

They were big in LA because they were meant to be a running shoe but they fit really good with Dickie pants and Levis. OG cats were wearing em in NY, but it just stuck out here. NY moved on to Air Force Ones and dunks but it became a gang member shoe here. Cats used to triple tie the laces, or only wear blue to rep the Southside.

They got real popular in the 90s. If you seen someone wearing Cortez, you knew they were affiliated. If you team em up with the Dickies and the white tee, then you definitely affiliated.

In a city where affiliation was often a matter of life and death, what you represented meant everything; and you represented through what you wore. In the entertainment capital of the world, appearance truly means everything.

From the color of the shoe, to the color of the laces, during the 80s and 90s everything was significant. Then they had the ones where it looked like a Swoosh with the dots, then you had the canvas ones. Then the blue ones got outlawed in the 80s when there was so much gang violence.

Then the treaty happened…but the blue ones are back now because things have calmed down and Nike is gonna make their money.

nike cortez big tooth

But over here the shoestrings and the color of the shoestrings still signify whether you a rider. I keep my game neutral. Now white people wear them when they play racquetball.

Skin Tight Swim Trunks

The laws still stand as firm now as they did 20 years ago with how to style…there are still certain rules to live by when rocking the Cortez properly in Los Angeles.

Tony G. The bows gotta be sticking out. If your jeans are too big, the homies around the way stick a thumbtack through the jeans so they aint goin over your shoe.

The shoe must be very visible. With all that said, it makes perfect sense that Mister Cartoon would finally get a chance to put his stamp on some Nike. He was born for it.Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. As the name indicates, Nike has reworked the Cortez's signature toothy, herringbone patterned outsole to incorporate a larger set of proportionally sized chompers. In addition, Nike also makes use of a neoprene upper coupled with suede hits and leather lining in a tonal package that results in a modern, luxurious take on a timeless classic that long time Cortez fans should truly appreciate.

Considering how real the hype is with NikeLab releases, you'll want to be on top of your game when these drop July 9 on NikeLab and NikeLab retailers.

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Nike Cortez

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nike cortez big tooth

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Sports Hats You Should Never Wear In Los Angeles

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nike cortez big tooth

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