Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Hey guys, new to this forum so bear with me on this! I have been advised by my local independant 4x4 centre that it should be ok until the noise is heard even in a straight line.

2003 Toyota Hilux 3.0TD kzn165 straight piped

I have only recently purchased the vehicle, but i believe the tyres are all the same size, so maybe thats not it! Anyways, I have been surfing ebay, breakers etc, and am trying to discover if a diff from say, a 2. Has anyone swapped a diff before or done a rebuild?

Any advice please guys, as I say, I'm new to this thing! Tags: None. Welcome to the forum! On a 3rd gen, unless you have put it in locked 4wd dunno what the exact term is, it's different from a 2nd gen then you shouldn't be able to wind the diffs up.

Unlike the 2nd gen the third gen can use 4wd on the tarmac. As for a swap, you need to find out what diff ratio you have first.

Look on the VIN plate for an axle code. You need to find a replacement diff with the same code. Someone like TonyN will be along shortly I'm sure with an answer to that. Comment Post Cancel. Ok, so I have looked into the Numbery bits, and found an axle code or 2. I'm guessing the first code on the id plate is the front axle and the second code is the rear?

kzn165 forum

The second reads 'A02A'. So i take this to be a 7. I was under the impression that with an open diff type this meant there was no diff lock facility, however i do have this Originally posted by webbee83 View Post. Had a look underneath and noticed that the anti roll bar bushes were shot as were the drop links.

Sounds good, its something I'll definately look into However, you can physically see the wheel clinking and the wheels skuffing when on gravel or soft surface, would this be so with the example you gave??

But yes, i will check, thanks.The Toyota is a true Legend and probably the most robust and sought after 4x4 in the market. We created this web site for fellow Hilux owners to learn more about their vehicles, meet like minded Hilux owners and most of all have fun.

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Click that button and say your say. The button looks like this:. The Hilux:. There are basically four models of Hiluxes available in South Africa:.Login or Sign Up. KZN How to adjust the glow plug timer? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 6. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 6 template Next.

Hi all, I am not sure if this thread should be here or in the 3. My 3rd gen KZN has a difficult start when cold. I noticed the glow plug goes off after about 1sec or less.

1 kzte throttle body butterfly.

Is there a way to adjust this timing I would like to put it up to sec if possible to enssure easy start. There are no problems when the engine is warm. I think my fuel filter has a factory build heater if that is important to this task. Tags: None. Just switch the ignition off then on again a couple of times before starting. Do you know that the glowplugs are working? The light on the dash is nothing to do with it, it will still light up even if the plugs are knackered.

By the way, your profile says 2. Comment Post Cancel. Last edited by allfriends ; 6th August I agree.

1HD-T - Possible air leak from fuel primer ?

Check the glow plugs. Heater plugs??? I found the system did not tell me what was happening with regards to the heater plugs soooo, I did the following. I fitted a small light fed directly from the heater plug feed rail, this lit whil there was power going to the plugs. Once the engine has started the plugs are still fed for up to three minutes depends on the engine temperature, this is te ensure even running when cold.

I then put in a press button so that I could override timer unit if I wanted to to heat the plugs outwith the timer settings. The light is a godsend because I can tell exactly what is happening with the heaters which was not possible before my small modification. Originally posted by muller1 View Post.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Search forums. Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter faded gxl Start date Jun 11, Tags 1hd-t 1hdt air leak dead battery primer starter motor.

Joined Jan 8, Messages 24 Location australia. The cruiser hasn't been starting up as quick as she used to, being a Di she used to fire as soon as i flicked the key, now it cranks for a couple seconds. I had a quick look around the fuel system today and noticed a bit of diesel under the fuel filter, I had a leak from the water sensor were the wires come out a few years ago that caused similar problems but alot worse, it was underpowered and idled low then, I ordered in a new one but araldited the old one up which done the trick.

The sensor was definitely weeping again but not as bad so I replaced that with a genuine one today along with the filter hoping it would rectify my starting issue, I also purchased a metre of clear hose.

Fired it up and it was the same, but there definitely appears to be a fuel delivery problem.

kzn165 forum

Before the video I did it with the injectors cracked, definitely got a lot more air out but there was always a small bubble right at the top of the hose at the primer outlet after running it for 1min or so it was back to where it was where the video starts. I have clear hose on the other side of the filter and other than a couple of minuscule bubbles there appears to be no drama's with fuel delivery on that side.

There was a minor leak out of the clamp on the pump in thee vid that was sorted and made no difference either. Regardless of whether it fixes my starting issue or not I guess I just want confirmation that the amount of air in the line isn't normal, and the best way to go will be to replace the primer housing?

kzn165 forum

Also any other suggestions for possible causes for both the air in the line and the starting issue more than welcome?Return to General Discussion.

New Subscription Renew Subscription. Kzn Limp mode General discussion of basically anything related to the - Hilux. Anyways rolled the hilux, engine rebuilt. Everything was running great, Cab was stuffed so did a new cab swap so loom all disconnected, bam new cab on connected everything up and now in limp mode.

It has an aftermarket cruise control does it affect these error areas? I have one suspect problem, everything went back in except this one little black box haha I can't find a plug that will plug into it otherwise I chopped it when removing the loom. Can someone check their kzn under the dash near fuse box to see if they have this part or was it part of the cruise control which I don't care about and want to scrap it anyway.

Everything was fine and I swapped everything over to the new cab then. Looking at the quality control sticker it looks aftermarket though. Is there a 10 digit toyota number on the other side? The cruise control, is it a dodgy one that manually pulls on the pedal or an electronic one?

I would bet the cruise is playing silly buggers and causing the fault. No the cruise control is actually a good one I think, aussie made, all electronic runs off tps etc, I think its auscruise by autron.

I have another one coming in a few weeks and can double check with the 2nd car. Thanks fellas. Had the section under the column off this other one yesterday and couldn't see anything. I'd say it's aftermarket. It's odd, 19 would be a pedal problem.

The description for 15 would be a throttle body problem. Are your manifolds still the original ones or you just swap a complete motor? Have you got another throttle body? The early 1kz had a cable I think and the later ones were electronic? Sorry man, I don't see a huge number of these anymore but I did have one.By robinsonJuly 6, in Avensis Club.

Does anyone have a clue as to what fault code p is, it says "timer control circuit malfunction"? It turned out that the cambelt which had been replaced at by previous owner, was one tooth out on the injection pump.

So if your car returns from garage after cam belt change with poor performance, iffy starting and generally not right, have them recheck the timing, or better still, send to a garage who know what they are doing. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.


Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Avensis Club Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted July 6, What and where should we be looking. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted July 13, Posted February 5, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing.

Sign In Sign Up.Login or Sign Up. Glow Plug Timer? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. The Mighty WAH. Since the colder weather it has been cranking a couple more times before firing, though there is never a doubt that it will fire up. Is the light indicative of what the glow plugs are actually doing?

Is the timer adjustable? Tags: None. When this light goes out it is Ok to start the engine. When the engine is cold the Glow Plugs may take longer to heat" It seems to me that the light does stay on a little longer when it has been icy recently, but not really very long at all liek you - no more than a second or so. The fuse is 80amp so I guess they are drawing quite a lot of current and must heat up pretty quick like a headlamp filament.

I know that many modern diesels eg Golfs require hardly any delay at all - but my old Rover took 5 or 6 seconds whatever the temperature. Certainly doesnt seem to make any difference if you leave them on for longer in my experience, although without putting a meter across the battery and checking the voltage to see if it comes back up indictating they have cut out you can't be really sure what is happening. Cheers Kev. Comment Post Cancel. To help cold starting diesel engines are equipped with a pre heating system, which comprimises of four glow plugs, a pre heat timer a dash mounted warning light, relays and timers.

The glow plugs are positioned directly in line with the incoming spray of diesel, when the plugs are energised the diesel passing over them is heated to its optimum combustion temperature allowing easier starting.

The length of the pre heating period is determined by the pre heating timer, which monitors the temperature of the engine via the water temperature sensors and alters the length of time accordingly. Pre heating is started when the ignition is turned on, the light goes out on the dash but the plugs continue to heat for a bit longer, until the engine is started.

If the engine is then not started within a certain time the power to the plugs is cut, preventing batttery drain and plug burnout.

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