First, motorcycle specs are all over the internet. I have to assume that the people asking for an online motorcycle CC to HP calculator have already tried Google to no avail. Then, of course, you could also just take your motorcycle down to the local tuning shop and throw your bike on a dyno.

Well, that is completely fair, and I is sewer gas dangerous to admit that the question really got me thinking about a ballpark calculation. Keep in mind that ballpark is exactly what you are going to get — a range of CC per HP. Motorcycles come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and uses that the conversion factor can vary kind of widely.

However, there is still a confined range, and that is what I am going to provide here. In general, a modern motorcycle will produce 1 HP for every cc. If you enjoyed this blog post, please like or share on Facebooktweet on Twitteror like on Instagram. It is a one-stop shop for all your DIY motorcycle repair information needs. Chris was born in a small-town NY and, over the years, owned a couple dozen different motorcycles, ranging from cruiser to enduro, Japanese to American.

He started HappyWrench in as he wanted to share his passion for motorcycles with other people. Nelson thanks for the comment. I absolutely agree with you.

What I tried to do in my post is over-simplify something that gets asked a lot. Truth of the matter, is that power is a lot more complex than just CCs. Anyways, you are very welcome when it comes to the opportunity to speak about your passion. I am glad you found the site and if you ever wish to do a guest post here at HappyWrench, please let me know.

In my experience, alot of my friends who come asking to have big bore kits installed, cylinder heads replaced etc. Weight, Ms.Some brands of snowblowers have an engine rating listed in CC, or cubic centimeters, especially imported European or eastern Asia brands. Americans are used to the standard HP, or horsepower, rating listed on small engines on snowblowers.

When you are deciding the right amount of power needed for your snowblower engine and can't think in CC, just convert the CC rating to HP with a few mathematical steps. Locate the information plate riveted to the top of the snowblower flywheel cover. The flywheel cover is on the opposite side of the crankshaft. Divide the CC number by 15 and press enter. Mark O'Brien started his professional writing career in at the "Newman Grove Reporter" newspaper. O'Brien indulges his mechanical side by fixing mowers part-time.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Step 1 Locate the information plate riveted to the top of the snowblower flywheel cover. Step 2 Type the CC rating into a calculator.

Step 3 Divide the CC number by 15 and press enter. Share this article. Mark O'Brien. Show Comments.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Lawn Mowers and Garden Tools. What horsepower does my cc lawn mower have? Wiki User There is no correlation between C. C's and horsepower. For example, a CC motor cross bike engine puts out about 28 horse power yet your Briggs CC engine is likely 4. However, you can convert volume to torque and then convert torque to horse power.

Actually, a flat head carburetor engine, as a general estimate, is 1 lb. So your cc Briggs should be about 6. Since peak torque rpm vary, lets say it delivers 6 lb ft rpms that puts it at about 4. The manufacturers test for torque a dyno records torque twisting force and calculates horse power from the torque on a dynomometer with no muffler, air cleaner, cooling fan or any accessories on the engine, if they rate it for x horsepower, that number is derived from an engine tested at peak horsepower with no parasitic loads nor restrictions to the air flow into and out of the combustion chamber.

However, lets just say that Toro purchases some CC quantum engines which Briggs has rated for 4. Toro then installs an exhaust, cooling fan, cooling shrouds, an air filter and then set the engine speed for 3, RPM's so not to exceed the maximum mower blade tip speed, horsepower will be substantially less than what the dyno test bore out without the parasitic loads and at the higher engine RPM's. Toro, rather than testing the engine as installed which would be around 3 hp, they label them with the peak torque number because the engine produces it's maximum torque at about 3, RPM's.

This is used as a marketing ploy since 6. If Toro where to use the engine on a snow blower, which has a much less restrictive exhaust, no air filter and a low flow cooling fan they would likely rate it at 5. Why; the torque drops off significantly above 3, rpm's so the horsepower number is the larger of the two.

An example that shows an under rated engines are the old cast iron Kohler K-series engines.

horse power to cc conversion chart / 5hp = cc?

The K cc is rated at 12 hp and yet it has 27 lb ft of torque at rpms which equals 12 hp, at rpms they put out in access of 14 hp. The K is rated for 18 hp and yet it has 37 lb ft of torque!An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad.

Trailering Safety and Trailer Hitch Information.

engine size cc converter

Troubled Computer? Let our Geeks help you This section is all about Jeeps. Installing 23, Volt Offroad Lights. What are HID Lights? Warn i Winch Installation. Warn Xi Winch Installation. Ten Myths About Synthetic Lubrication. Important information about Motor Oil Additives. Wheeling in the Valley of the Ferns.

Tellico North Carolina. Thousands more photos here. In a piston engine, this is the volume that is swept as the pistons are moved from top dead center to bottom dead center. CID Liter C. Multiply the Cubic Centimeters by 0.

engine size cc converter

Example: cc x 0. Example: That thing got a HEMI? Fan Clutch Diagnosis. Engine Overheating Basics. Why black paint works best at dissipating engine heat. Hemi Engine - All about the Hemi Engine. Jeep V8 Swap Tips.I've tested it out and it seems to be pretty accurate.

For example: A Honda 9 HP engine has a displacement of cc's. Another example: A Honda 11 HP engine has a displacement of cc's. If for nothing else, it gets you in the ballpark Try it out! You'll get the same result and skip a step. The post was dated October 11, None of this stuff is official, of course! However, the range of figures seems reasonable. Hope you enjoy the little chart. Let it snow! Assuming this table is for 4 stroke OHV engines. Does this apply to side valve L-head engines as well?

I'm not sure. Probably not. I'm assuming it would come out a little less, but maybe it would fit into the low end of the chart. Here's another source, based on torque. I was looking on-line for some sort of conversion tool and came across several formulas that did not make sense to me. What I noticed is that they seemed to double the HP rating.

This message was modified Oct 6, by FrankMA. This message was modified Oct 7, by coasteray. El Toro! HP does not really mean anything in snowblowers, since they do their real work under heavy loads.Fifteen years ago the power output of every snowblower sold here in the United States was listed in hp or horsepower.

It was a nice simple measurement that everyone in the U.

engine size cc converter

Ten years ago they changed the rules and started selling snowthrowers with the power measured in gross torque. Then they changed the rules on us again. Today, Sept only a few Chinese manufacturers still list HP on the engine shroud. Other manufacturers like Powermore may have different torque ratings for their motors. If you are trying to get exact hp measurements you should research the torque ratings for the specific brand.

Here is a simple chart of approximate cc to torque to horsepower conversions. I used rpm in the formula for this comparison.

Assume that your new snowblower motor runs at less rpm. It is also not a good comparison from one manufacturer to another. I hope this helps. Here is an original article on this issue: Horsepower loses its grip on mowers. When you buy lawn and garden equipment this spring, a familiar old term —- horsepower —- will be missing from many engines. Blame it on lawyers, or engine makers who might have fudged the numbers, but horsepower is no longer the gold standard for small gasoline engines.

Sears, for example, advertises some lawn mowers rated by horsepower, others by torque, and still others by cubic centimeters. And some mowers have no such designation at all.

Outdoor Power Equipment (Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Chain Saws and more) Discussions

Last year, Briggs chose torque as its rating system for push mowers, snow throwers, pressure washers, and generators. In basic terms, torque is a measure of the force needed to turn something like a wrench or a lawnmower blade.

Horsepower, on the other hand, evolved from a measure of the rate at which a horse could pull coal up a mine shaft into a more technical measurement related to watts.

So now, consumers may face confusion over how torque equates to horsepower. The shift away from horsepower ratings came after a lawsuit in Illinois claimed that engine manufacturers were overstating the horsepower of lawn mower engines. In some cases, the lawsuit alleged, identical engines were labeled with different horsepower ratings, misleading consumers into believing they were getting more power by purchasing more expensive models.

How Is RC Engine Size Measured?

Briggs advertised one engine as having 6. Since at leastengine manufacturers Briggs, Tecumseh, Kohler, Toro, and Kawasaki have reported horsepower ratings to the EPA that were significantly lower than the ratings advertised to the public, the lawsuit said.

There are different testing protocols for the EPA than for the general public, Savage said.It is the unit of measuring the volume of a cube having size 1cm X 1cm X 1cm. If an engine has a capacity of say cc or Cubic Centimeters, then the capacity of that engine is 1 Liter.

It is the combined capacity for all cylinders of the engine added together while it completes its one cycle. For example, if a four-cylinder engine has a capacity of cc or 1. If the engine has only one cylinder, then that lone cylinder will accommodate all of the cc or 1.

By the way, the world's first automotive - the Mercedes-Benz MotorWagen featured a single-cylinder 1. The engine's capacity plays an important role in determining various engine outputs such as engine powertorqueand mileage. It is the volume, or in other words, the space available inside the cylinder to accommodate air-fuel mixture for burning. Consider that it is just like a drum filled with water.

Bigger the drum, more the water it can accumulate and guzzle. Similarly, an engine with higher capacity sucks more air into the cylinder. As the volume of the air grows, the fuel system also proportionately increases the corresponding quantity of fuel to the engine. As the amount of the fuel for burning increases, it also increases the power output. Hence, in simple words, the power output of an engine is directly proportional to its capacity in a conventional engine design.

Incidentally, Chevrolet 9. Supplying more fuel to the engine increases its power and also its fuel consumption. As the volume of the cylinders increases, the power output also increases. But eventually, this reduces the mileage.

Hence, in that context, the mileage of the car is inversely proportional to the engine capacity in a conventional design. The manufacturers keep upgrading the petrol engines and strike a balance between power and mileage to achieve both performance and efficiency. Typically, the cars with petrol engines of best fuel mileage come in the zone of up to cc.

Those with capacities cc to cc have better mileage figures. Whereas, engines with displacement from cc to cc have moderate fuel average range.

How to Convert Engine Horsepower to CC

Those with capacities from cc to cc have lower fuel average range and the engines above cc have the least mileage among all as shown in the chart below. Almost identical set of rules apply to the smaller carburetor engines for bikes. Typically, the bike engines with best fuel average come in the range of up to cc. Engines from cc to cc have better mileage figures. Engines with capacities from cc to cc have moderate fuel average range.

The engines with capacity from cc to cc have lower mileage. Engines above cc have the least mileage among all, as shown in the chart below. Hence, the engine cc displacement is a crucial factor while buying an automobile. You should decide the displacement thoughtfully by analyzing the intended purpose or the end usage of the vehicle.

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