Here are the following Tribal Matters that is fluctuated in the top 8 cards and these are discussing below:. In the EDH, this card really pumps up because it comes with the ability of withdrawing. In other words, we can assume that this card has the beast tribal that silently pumping up. Meanwhile, every deck has the ability to invalidate counterspells. At the same time, this card has a combination of mana fixing or the counterspells. You will get the lands that come with the ability of untapped play.

This format comes with the impact that never changed. This is one of my best tribal spells according to the Commander format. Meanwhile, this card has no color as well as shame but comes at the most powerful factor.

If you draw this card, then it could be ridiculous when this card. The worth cost comes with the 5 mana deck. Additionally, with the help of Locust God, it is easy to fill your heart. Here you will get an infinite combo that is helpful to flash with the Laboratory Maniac.

For pumping your creature, there are two decks such as Pack Rat or the Coat of Arms that comes with the like manner. It is quite an awesome that you have a tribal deck with the huge amount of damage. This is not focus on the deck but also it is helpful for working with Prossh, HazezonTamar, or the Will of the Wild.

Meanwhile, it is not pumping up with a different creature of opposing. In this mana, you never find any spell just like that because it totally ends up with the desired spot. With the help of games, you are unable to attack at the needed spot. This is really an aggressive and amazing card.

Meanwhile, it comes with the suffers of abundant and the sweepers removal. At the shortage of time, it comes with the closer of massive boost creature. However, this could come at the lowest cost but really helpful for the red deck mana.

This is really a crazy mana that comes with the greater card server. There are many types that are helpful for counts things by their own. Meanwhile, it comes with the following card combos such as the Mogg Fanatic, Reveillark, Karmic Guide or maybe the Body Double that comes with the finishing factor.A quick note. Most of these are highly recommended to run in your tribal deck. If you were to start building your tribal EDH deck always look for these.

Also these cards can be run in non-tribal decks but they fit more at home with tribal decks. Sure you have to sacrifice a creature to keep the monument but if your tribal deck tends to spam out creatures, you should be in good condition to run it.

Goblins, Elves, Soldiers, and many more can run this card without having issues with it. One of several recent tribal support cards. By giving your tribal deck draw power every time you cast a creature of the chosen type, this helps you when you need to draw into answers, your combo pieces, your lords, etc.

A very powerful tribal card indeed. Making your creatures gargantuan and harder to deal with seems a good trade off for 5 mana but there is a catch. The artifact also effects your opponents as well. This is another must have in all tribal decks in my opinion, especially in those who spam a bunch of small creatures. A universal lord? Sure why not. Some tribal decks have the lack of lords a Lord is a creature that pumps other creatures that share a creature type with it.

I recommend this for tribal decks who have little to no lords at all. Another recent tribal support card. This is a tribal card that I highly recommend to any tribal player out there or future tribal player. A new land for tribal decks that are in multicolor. Scrying is great when you cast a creature that shares a type with your commander, plus it helps fixing your mana. Wanna make your creatures cheaper to cast?

With the ability to look at the top of your library is good to see what your gonna get. This helps you with what do next. A slightly more powerful version of the Horn. By only making creatures of the chosen type cost 2 colorless less can make some tribal decks more easy to run.This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.

MTG Salvation. Sign In Register. Just Getting Started. Hi all! Ive been trying to make a good tribal deck since I first started playing EDH I started out with tribal sphinx with Sharuum as my general. It was okay. However, as my skill level increased, I couldnt stand knowing that my deck could be so much better and win more consistenly. It eventually turned into one of the best decks that my play group had seen.

Tribal Wars

However as time went by, their decks got better and I was looking for something new to play. That is when I tried to put together Tribal Faeries!!! Oona, queen of the fae as my general, I thought I couldnt be beat!

That said. Turns out there arent very many good faeries out there. So I reluctently took that disaster apart. Later I found out that I was reading her text wrong. Has anyone got any suggestions?

edh tribal decks

Oh and I prefer the colors blue, green, and red. Im not too fond of black anymore Thanks so much! Private Mod Note :. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Resident Planeswalker. Blue green elves is probably a solid bet with edric as the general or mono green elves with ezuri. I like the blue green because then you can play the elf tribal all with counter backup.

I suggest you look into that.This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. MTG Salvation. Sign In Register. Immortal One. I'm kinda posting this to double check for a buddy of mine, since I told him that goblins are actually pretty strong. But, may as well open it up to all tribes. What tribe has worked well for you? Private Mod Note :.

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Nose Picker. Azami is quite strong. Archmage Overlord. Gobbos all day baby. They're one of the best supported and deadly tribes around, with many good generals to lead the horde, and nothing beats Goblin Wizard. Being a man who likes tribal though, Wizards are incredibly strong, as are Elementals in 5-color.

I've just about completed my Kangee, Aerie Keeper deck too. They're aren't many good Birds though unfortunately. And why was Flurry of Wings a Bant-colored spell! Come on Wizards, let's see some Bird love! Checking in at MTGS. Wizards and goblins are both great tribes. They also have a lot of synergy and use some very powerful cards. Though I'm not partial to it, Azami wizard tribal is pretty popular. Wort, Boggart Auntie is recursion for goblins, making them even harder to kill than usual.

Really, it's edh, try any tribe you think will enjoy. Right now I'm trying to make rats work, for example. Perhaps try scarecrows?

edh tribal decks

Reaper King doesn't get enough love Personal Liaison to Kaalia of the Vast. I have a fun Mikaeus, the Unhallowed zombie tribal deck that is built to play zombies, then they die, then they come back continually to eat your brains. Actually it just won me a fourway 2nite at the LGS.

Come join me on mtgnexus! Wizard Mentor. Can't believe no one's mentioned elves. Much, much easier to elfball in this format than it is to gobball sp? Ezuri has a wincon built-in, and there are plenty of other good elf generals.

Although I love goblins, I'd have to say the speed, consistency and power of elves outclasses goblins. Background Pony.Tribal Wars is a casual constructed Magic: The Gathering format that emphasizes creature combat and tribal themes: one-third of every deck must be of a single creature type.

Because Tribal Wars is a Constructed format, each deck must contain at least 60 cards, and players may build decks using StandardModernLegacy or Vintage deckbuilding rules. The format provides players the opportunity to do battle with their favorite Magic creatures to see which tribe is the game's most powerful!

Previously there were two formats in Magic Onlinewhich were based on Classic and Standard format. In addition to the cards banned in the original legacy format, the following cards are banned in Tribal Wars Legacy games:. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Magic Online [ edit edit source ] Previously there were two formats in Magic Onlinewhich were based on Classic and Standard format. Wizards of the Coast.

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All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Paper Constructed Standard Modern Pioneer.This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

edh tribal decks

Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. MTG Salvation. Sign In Register. Honor Basquiat. Resident Planeswalker. I'm interested in hearing about underrated tribal decks with themes, synergies, and unique interactions. I'm not looking to build something that's crappy.

It doesn't have to be tier one, but I am looking to hear about interesting decks that can win, stay on tribal, and don't rely on winning with infinite combos. Something unique that would raise eyebrows at a table, potentially fly under the radar but really do very well. Doesn't have to be just one tribe, maybe two together.

I'm particularly interested in really strong cards that don't seem like they have a lot of support Cards like Pheres-Band Warchief and Scarblade Elite comes to mind, although I don't expect to build a tribal deck that is so fringe. Maybe tribal changlings? Any ideas? Last edited by Honor Basquiat : Nov 24, Private Mod Note :.

EDH Essentials: tribal decks

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Ascended Mage. I put together an Ishkanah, Grafwidow shortly after Eldritch Moon came out. Haven't gotten around to update it in a bit, but it is a very fun deck to play at least in my opinion. Other than that you could always do what my friend did and build Wall tribal with all of the "defender matters" cards like Vent Sentinel.

Last edited by Allanon : Nov 24, Archmage Overlord. Not exactly unique or unknown tribe by a longshot. Ishkanya is the obvious spider tribal and Or tribal AtogThis site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. MTG Salvation. Sign In Register. Prev 1 2 3 Next. The Meletis Kings should probably have the humans. Though they could easily be five color with Tazri, not sure if there are enough scarecrows to actually make a working deck.

Artificers is likely the best option for Breya, but since she isnt an artificer herself, you could throw it in Esper colors as that's likely better than Sphinx tribal.

Isnt Saskia a soldier? Pretty sure there are a few of those too. BUG for Elves? How many blue Elves are there? Put it in GW, and make it a Rhys elf ball deck. Or put it in BG. Whats the point of making a tribal deck that is goodstuff? Elfball is where its at. There are enough shamans in those colors, to include Eternal Witness. Make it based around sacing and recurring from the GY, and you can throw in Mazirek and Melen for kicks. Last edited by LnGrrrR : Nov 19, Private Mod Note :.

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Archmage Overlord. Tazri is obviously Ally Tribal

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